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No Kill Equation

“If every animal shelter in the United States embraced the No Kill philosophy and the programs and services that make it possible, we would save nearly four million dogs and cats who are scheduled to die in shelters this year, and the year after that. It is not an impossible dream.”

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No Kill Advocacy Center

A No Kill nation is within our reach…

Two decades ago, the concept of a No Kill community was little more than a dream. Today, it is a reality in many cities and counties nationwide and the numbers continue to grow. And the first step is a decision, a commitment to reject the kill-oriented failures of the past. No Kill starts as an act of will. The next step involves putting in place the infrastructure to save lives.
Following a commitment to No Kill is the need for accountability. Accountability means having clear definitions, a lifesaving plan, and protocols and procedure oriented toward preserving life. But accountability also allows, indeed requires, flexibility. Too many shelters lose sight of this principle, staying rigid with shelter protocols, believing these are engraved in stone. They are not. Protocols are important because they ensure accountability from staff. But protocols without flexibility can have the opposite effect: stifling innovation, causing lives to be needlessly lost, and allowing shelter employees who fail to save lives to hide behind a paper trail. The decision to end an animal’s life is an extremely serious one, and should always be treated as such. No matter how many animals a shelter kills, each and every animal is an individual, and each deserves individual consideration.
And finally, to meet the challenge that No Kill entails, shelter leadership needs to get the community excited, to energize people for the task at hand. By working with people, implementing lifesaving programs, and treating each life as precious, a shelter can transform a community.
There are communities in the United States that have eliminated population control killing. We want—and the animals deserve—No Kill in every city in the country. But it requires shelter leaders committed to these goals and embarking on a campaign of diligent implementation. That is where we must focus our efforts at reform. Only the No Kill Equation model has achieved this success. It is a program model which changes the way shelters operate and which gives the animal loving public an integral role in that operation. If a community wants success, this is the way to go: nothing else has succeeded.
No Kill shelters can be public or private, large or small, humane societies or municipal agencies. A No Kill shelter can be either “limited admission” or “open admission.” And there are plenty of No Kill animal control shelters and thus No Kill communities which prove it. An “open admission” shelter does not have to—and should not—be an open door to the killing of animals. In fact, using the term “open admission” for kill shelters is misleading. Kill shelters are closed to people who love animals. They are closed to people who might have lost their job or lost their home but do not want their animals to die. They are closed to Good Samaritans who find animals but do not want them killed. They are closed to animal lovers who want to help save lives but will not be silent in the face of needless killing. And so they turn these people and their animals away, refusing to provide to them the service they are being paid to perform.
For a description of the programs of the No Kill Equation and how shelters should implement them, click here.
For our No Kill matrix of treatable medical conditions, click here.

We CAN be a NO KILL Nation ... 

Note on Facebook 
By Kimberly Glasnapp
Posted February 5, 2014 at 11:08pm

First there's some things we must understand and come to terms with...
and the truth hurts...

We have to understand that the shelters are not the problem...
And the breeders are not the problem...
WE are the problem.
Humans created this problem.
And as humans created it, we are the only one's must can fix it.
We owe to them to not be part of the problem.
We OWE it to them to fix the bind WE've put them in ...
to them to be part of the solution.

TWO UNCONTROLLED BREEDING CATS PLUS ALL THEIR KITTENS AND THEIR KITTEN'S KITTENS, OF NONE ARE EVER SPAYED OR NEUTERED ADD UP... Millions of unwanted and homeless cats are born in this country each year. During the peak of kitten season - from late April to September - pounds and humane shelters kill unwanted and abandoned cats at the rate of OVER ONE PER MINUTE, other less fortunate are left to wander, easy pray for larger animals, easy targets for automobiles and easy marks for cruel pranksters and fanatics. If they do survive these hazards and elements, they soon attain maturity and bring forth five or six kittens. Mostly females, to continue this vicious cycle. Every cat owner whose pet is unspayed or unneurtered, and a allowed to roam, must bear the guilt of terrible overpopulation. REMEMBER - ONE FEMALE CATS CUMULATIVE OFFSPRING IN TEN YEARS COULD TOTAL OVER 80 MILLION!! 

*2 litters per year
*2.8 surviving kittens per litter
*10 year breeding life
*IN 10 YEARS MULTIPLY TO 80,399,780!!!

FOURTH YEAR: = 2,201
FIFTH YEAR: = 12,680
SIXTH YEAR: = 73,041
SEVENTH YEAR: = 420,715
EIGHTH YEAR: = 2,423,316
NINTH YEAR: = 12,958,290
TENTH YEAR: = 80,399,780

This Note contains a powerful message, and if the reality that you know lies behind these words and images hits you as hard as they did me, you may want to share, and re-share the Note. WE have the power to change their world, our world. We are the one's for this job, and TOGETHER we can do it. Together can make it happen - can make this a REALITY. I KNOW we can!

So join me in taking the pledge to Spay and Neuter family pets and to always
Don't Shop
 ... and to NEVER patronize stored that sell animals.

TOGETHER WE really can make this a reality! -  TOGETHER WE have the power to make this a NO KILL nation!

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