Monday, October 20, 2014

Tatum Needs Foster During Mommy's Recovery From Brain Surgery

Los Angeles, CA - Woman & Her Dog Left To Die In Apartment 

Neither the woman or her dog had eaten in 6 days or even had any water. 

The woman was rushed to the hospital and the dog was rushed to the vet. The woman is recovering from surgery , her future is uncertain, meanwhile, her dog has been in boarding and is in desperate need of a foster home. If you can help, please see the contact information is at the bottom.

I got the following message in an email October 6th asking if I knew anyone who could help. To follow is excerpts from the message with the most current updates I could find. 
A nice woman lived in an apartment in Los Angeles, CA with her beloved rescue dog named Tatum.

She was regularly seen going in and out of her apartment, so when nobody had seen or heard from her for several days, the apartment manager knew something was amiss and called the police to check on her. Police responded and tried knocking but got so answer, when knocking turned into banging after a while she finally opened her door. She told the police that she was fine and they left. But what the manager saw of her tenant that after noon led her to believe that, contrary to what the woman told them, she was NOT fine at all.

The apartment manager knew something was wrong, so she decided to call a friend in animal rescue who knew the tenant. When she went to the woman's apartment she found that neither the dog nor her caretaker had had any food or water in about 6 days. The rescuer called an ambulance who rushed to the woman to the hospital and the dog was rushed to the vet. It turns out the woman had to have major brain surgery, which explains why she seemed to have no concept of how long they'd gone without food or water or the danger they were both in. The dog was found to be severely dehydrated and is currently said to be in stable condition.  

While the woman is slowly recovering in a rehab facility, and is expected to recovery, she has no relatives to help care for her and return to her apartment. Her dog Tatum, however,has been staying at a vet for the past 4 weeks and the bill is now said to be staggering!! Poor Tatum is in desperate need of a foster home as soon as possible. He is a said to be a shy, quiet dog and needs to be in a low key environment

YOU CAN HELP by making a donation for Tatum's boarding AND / OR by fostering Tatum. He is a very shy dog and will need to be in a quiet household. The woman is expected to make a full recovery and Tatum will able to return home in about 2 months.

Please contact Stephanie at phone (818) 232 0775


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